2016 Missouri & Illinois Behavioral Health Conference

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Professional Ethics in a Rapidly Changing Practice Landscape

>> Sutter Social Media Policy 

>> Vignettes

>> Work Sheet 

Nurse Care Manager Learning Collaborative

Questions that Evoke Change Talk

EPE Handout

Case to Care 

Evidence-Based Treatment for Working with Substance Using Youth in Juvenile Justice Systems 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Keynote: The Federal Outlook on Behavioral Health Issues: Perspectives from the National Council 

Session 1: 

Burnout: Causes and Prevention

>> Handout

The Bad Kids Documentary 

Developing Strategies for a stronger Peer Workforce: Lessons Learned and Future Vision

Part 1 | Addiction and Equal Opportunity Employers, Addiction in Licensed Health Care Providers

Part 2 | Addiction and Equal Opportunity Employers, Addiction in Licensed Health Care Providers

Trauma Informed: What this Looks Like in an Agency Setting

Community Based Crisis Stabilization Services for Youth and Young Adult: A Research Informed Application for ICPR

Recovery & Resiliency Oriented Employment Services

DLA-20© Roundtable Discussion

Adjusting Over Time: Coping with Changes to the Overtime Exemptions

Street Drug Pharmacology Update 2016

The Opioid Crisis: Implementation of Substance Use Treatment into Integrated Primary and Behavioral Health Care

Session 2:

The Developing and Expanding Role of Nursing in Integrated Care

First Episode of Psychosis and Early Signs of MI and The Importance of Family Support

Gender Specific Integrated SUD Treatment for Women

Parenting from a Place of Trauma/Direct Service Providers

Helping People Move Through Individual Stages of Change Regarding Employment

Clubhouse Model: Club House Provider Panel

Navigating the ACA - Human Resources

Up in Smoke: What’s Happening with Vaping, Weed and Synthetic Drugs?

Strategies to Assist Employees in Obtaining CADC/CRSS Certification

Session 3:

Living with a Chronic Disease

>> Handout

Family Dynamics

Dentistry’s Role in Opioid Use and Abuse

Listening Session on Toxic Stress/Trauma and Racial Equity

DBT for Co-Occurring Populations - Adult and Teen

Organizational Stages of Change Regarding Providing Employment Services

Stigma of Medication Assisted Treatment and Recovery

Population Health Unfolding in New Systems of Care and Healthcare Financing 

Working with MCOS and Using HEDIS as a Performance Measures to Improve Quality Outcomes 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Physician Institute: 

Epidemiology of Substance Use Disorders 

Exploring Stigmas

Understanding Medication Assisted Treatment

The Nuts and Bolts of Providing MAT

Session 1:

Smoking Cessation in Community Mental Health Centers: Patient and Provider Perspectives

Free Your Breath, Free Your Mind, A Yogi’s Journey to Mental Wellness

Care: Enough to Follow-up - Best Practices from Asthma to #ZeroSuicide

Learning the Ropes: Helping Identify Networks of Support

Changing Programs Means Changing People

>> Handout

Mental Health Care in Missouri Department of Corrections

The Positive Impact of Employment and Financial Stability

Confidentiality for Behavioral Health Patients

Good Data, Good Outcomes, Good Practice and Partnerships

Illinois Family Resource Center: Supporting Family Involvement in Treatment

Session 2:

Communication Access: How the New Affordable Care Act requirements build on ADA and Title VI Requirements

Clinician Heal Thyself: Self-Care in the Workplace

Quality of Care: Importance of Early Intervention

Medication Assisted Recovery

Aligning Systems of Care - From Crisis Detox to Inpatient to Outpatient Treatment

Prevalence and Treatment of Trauma and Post traumatic Stress of Substance Use Offenders

Five Strategies to Assist Individuals Move to a Life of Work, Savings, and Asset Development

Substance Use, Recovery, and Housing: Working Together to Provide Support & Choice

Politics and Pills: How Opioids are Shaping Public Policy and Campaigns

Substance Use Prevention and Health Systems Reform

Session 3:

Approaching Alzheimer’s: Making Your First Response the Right Response

Using Social Impact Bonds to Address Shortages Among Addiction Professionals

Becoming a Sheep Dog: Creating Awareness Around Worker and Client Safety

Increasing Protective Factors

>> Handout

MyStrength Integration: A Look at Best Practices and New Product Updates

Effective Collaborations to Incorporate MAT and Enhance the Continuity of Care for Corrections Involved Clients

Tools, Resources, and Activities that Make a Real Economic Impact

The Role of Housing in Wellness and Recovery

Gather Around the Fire: Storytelling for the Nonprofit Professionals

Engaging Adolescents and Their Parents in Treatment Using Motivational Learning


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