The Missouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare (formerly Missouri Coalition of Community Mental Health Centers), founded in 1978, represents Missouri’s not-for-profit community mental health centers, as well as alcohol and addiction treatment agencies, affiliated community psychiatric rehabilitation service providers, and a clinical call center.


33 member-agencies staffed with more than 11,000 caring and qualified staff 

provide treatment and support services to over 250,000 clients annually.

The mission of the Missouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare is to enable access to quality mental health services for all  Missouri  citizens in need of such services, while maximizing their human potential and quality of life. This mission will be accomplished through the continued maintenance and development of a stable statewide network of comprehensive community-based behavioral health care.

  • Missouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare includes organizations which serve behavioral health clients' needs through individualized treatment in the most appropriate and least restrictive settings while meeting eligibility criteria and standards for membership in the Coalition.
  • Continued development in the progressive advances of establishing an equitable statewide system of community behavioral health services.
  • Statewide system organized and integrated, made up of diverse and independent, but interrelated, behavioral health providers within the state.
  • Comprehensive indicates a continuum of services which includes: screening and assessment; case management; medication management; individual and group outpatient services; provision for access to inpatient on both a scheduled and 24-hour per-day basis; rehabilitation; 24-hour emergency services; community support; consultation; education and prevention; and administrative coordination.
  • Comprehensive community-based behavioral healthcare is a decentralized model with facilities, programs and services available in a wide range of settings throughout a given local area of residence.
  • Authority and responsibility are vested with the local community board.