Community Mental Health Liaisons

The Community Mental Health Liaison (CMHL) program is part of the Strengthening Mental Health Initiative. Thirty one CMHLs work across the state to assist law enforcement and courts.


The goal is to form better community partnerships between Community Mental Health Centers, law enforcement, and courts to save valuable resources that might otherwise be expended on unnecessary jail, prison, and hospital stays and to improve outcomes for individuals with behavioral health issues. Liaisons also follow-up with Missourians referred to them in order to track progress and ensure success.  Through the CMHL program, people with behavioral health issues who have frequent interaction with law enforcement and the courts will have improved access to behavioral health treatment.

                                      Missouri Crisis Intervention Team (MO CIT) Council Award | Community Mental Health Liaison of the Year (CMHL):

                                               2017 | Michelle Horvath, Compass Health Network

                                               2018 | Jen Gentry, Family Guidance Center 

                                               2018 | Dawn Morris, Compass Health Network

                                               2019 | Laura Heitmann, Arthur Center

                                               2020 | Ted Solomon, Compass Health Network

                                               2021 | Peggy Gorenflo, Tri-County Mental Health Services

                                     CIT International Behavioral Healthcare Practitioner of the Year:

                                              2019 | Laura Heitmann, Arthur Center


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Community Mental Health Liaisons

February 18, 2020